Jill Betts, MA, RG, LG

Principal, Geologist

Jill Betts, President of Coles & Betts Environmental Consulting

Attentive, energetic and effective, Jill assists private and government clients with regulatory compliance, environmental assessments, and remediation projects for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial facilities. She’s experienced at remediating contaminated sites; risk assessments; UST decommissioning and investigation; UIC, NEPA compliance, and NPDES compliance and training. Jill’s enthusiasm for her work and clients comes across with every project, regardless of size or complexity.

Jill Betts, resume link, 4-page PDF

Barbara Coles

Principal, Land Use Planner

From chairing a county planning commission to serving on the State of Oregon’s Transportation Initiative task force, cofounder Barbara has had her hand in land-use planning and regulatory compliance for decades. Well versed in resolving issues with any government organization at any level, she’s also published reports and papers on subjects like environmental and energy project management, environmental permitting support; resource planning and analysis; energy production, distribution and end-use analysis; programmatic strategic planning, policy development and evaluation; and public process facilitation.

Barbara Coles, resume link, 6-page PDF

Dave Coles, MS, RG, LG, LHG

Principal, Geochemist

Dave Betts in the field at a stormwater spill response

Geochemist. Registered geologist. Published researcher. Tireless investigator. Expert witness. Since co-founding the company, Dave has worn many hats, investigating environmental contamination; evaluating and understanding the fate and transport of hazardous, toxic, and nuclear materials in groundwater, surface water, soil, and air; investigating a wide variety of contaminated sites; evaluating and interpreting site investigation data and data from subsequent remedial investigations and feasibility studies.

Dave Coles, resume link, 9-page PDF

I would not have survived my ordeal without Jill’s help, expertise and support. She put it all in perspective and made clear what was happening. She answered my panicked calls and e-mails right away and I always felt that she treated me like a top priority, giving us valuable information and time even before we were billed. I can’t say enough about Coles and Betts Environmental Consulting’s knowledge and customer services!

—Linda Martin
Small Business Owner

We’re Known for Getting It Done

Especially in these areas:

  • Conducting site investigation and monitoring, remedial investigation, and feasibility studies
  • Facilitating risk-based closures and/or applying in-situ remediation techniques for multiple contaminants
  • Meeting redevelopment construction deadlines in conjunction with regulatory requirements and deadlines (municipal, lender, state, federal) for redevelopment of contaminated properties
  • Phase I & II environmental site assessments (ESAs)
  • Working On EPA Brownfields program projects
  • UICs (dry well), NPDEs (stormwater), and USTs and ASTs (tanks) compliance
  • Researching potential responsible parties (PRPs) that may have caused, or contributed to property contamination
  • Evaluating whether site investigation and cleanup funding is available via environmental policy insurance claims
  • Overseeing project completion
  • Negotiating with regulatory agencies
  • Closing DEQ and ecology regulatory files
  • Oil recycling facility compliance
  • Environmental compliance for industrial clients, especially used-oil recycling facilities


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