With our client-centered approach, technical expertise, strict project management standards and strong work ethic you can rest assured that your new plan of action is the right solution—one with an easy to understand schedule and a budget without hidden costs.

What’s your challenge? We have you covered.

Site investigation and cleanup

Brownfields-Mill-Pond-Excavation-partial-386x232You know or suspect your property, leasehold or dream acquisition has been contaminated. Whether due to obsolete or current practices or an off-site contamination source that has migrated onto your property, Coles and Betts Environmental Consulting stands at the ready to identify contaminants and evaluate their risk to current and future property occupants, and if needed, determine the best options for fast, effective remediation.

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • Site investigation (SI)
  • Preliminary assessment (PA)
  • Expanded preliminary assessment (XPA)
  • Remedial investigations (RI)
  • Feasibility studies (FS)
  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Corrective action plans (CAP)
  • Potentially responsible party (PRP) research
  • Soil, groundwater, sediment and stormwater sampling
  • Insurance policy claim assessment
  • Fate and transport of contaminants
  • Brownfields
  • Regulatory file closure assistance
  • Interfacing with environmental agencies
  • Soil, sediment and groundwater remediation
  • Secondary review
  • Remediation oversight and contamination management services
  • Underground storage tank (UST) investigation, oversight, and decommissioning
  • UICs (dry well) remediation
  • Military base, Department of Energy facilities, and US Forest Service site investigation and remediation activities

Technical review

air-knife-along-sewer-line-386x272You (or your client) is looking for evidence that your operation or your tenants did not contribute to the property’s contamination. Or you may want a proposal to investigate and remediate a property (or you may want a second opinion on another consultant’s proposal or technical report). Naturally, you’re probably wondering about immediate and future costs, and even whether an old insurance policy will cover them. We know how to navigate these waters—and we’re good at it.

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • Secondary review
  • Evaluate project costs and identify future project costs
  • Potential responsible party (PRP) research
  • Insurance policy claim assessment
  • Field work oversight, including site investigation and remediation activities


UIC-Investigation_Drilling-Option-386x233You hate sorting through the myriad of environmental regulations. Prioritizing permit requirements and record keeping is the last thing you have time for. Not to mention tracking reporting deadlines, employee training requirements, regulatory changes and future trends. We can help you regain control by prioritizing requirements and developing regulatory compliance training for your staff who can then run the show after we are gone.

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • Dry wells, underground injection control (UIC) permits and plans
  • Air permitting
  • NEPA
  • Used-oil recycling facility compliance
  • PCB regulatory compliance
  • Environmental impact statement (EIS)
  • Field oversight of investigation, decommissioning and remediation activities
  • Facility and staff training
  • Environmental and permitting agencies interface
  • Facility-wide regulatory compliance assistance
  • Stormwater (NPDES) permits and plans
  • Solid waste facility permitting
  • RCRA
  • Stormwater (NPDES) engineering, permits and plans
  • State and local permits for stormwater, industrial wastewater and more

Property transaction and redevelopment

A_Tank-Decommissioning-Oversight-386x186You’re concerned about contamination, or possible contamination, such that your property can’t be developed. Or you have a new tenant signing a lease. Coles and Betts Environmental Consulting has got you covered, with site investigations, oversight of contamination remediation on construction sites, and regulatory compliance.

Get the Nitty Gritty

  • Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA)
  • Small business association (SBA) Phase I environmental site assessment (ESA)
  • Phase II environmental site assessment (ESA)
  • Legacy contamination technical assistance
  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Underground storage tank (UST) investigation, decommissioning and oversight
  • Orchard/pesticide sampling  and remediation
  • Dry well/underground injection control (UIC) compliance, investigation and decommissioning
  • Stormwater (NPDES) permit compliance
  • State and local agency permit—compliance assistance
  • Insurance policy claim assessment
  • Tenant inspections and audits
  • Field oversight of investigation, decommissioning and remediation activities

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